Get the Lead Out! Lithium Energy Storage

Lithium battery systems are a safe and exciting option for high-efficiency and lightweight energy storage for yacht house banks. Top-of-the-line Genasun GLI Lithium Systems pair lithium battery packs with an elegant electronic Battery Management System (BMS) to maximize safety, longevity, stability, ease of use, and charging efficiency.

  • Safer than lead - Protected against overcharge, over-discharge, no venting
  • 6X longer life cycles – Freedom to use battery capacity thousands of times
  • Faster recharging – Save fuel, reduce engine/genset hours
  • Keep your energy – 99.7% efficiency vs. ~85% with AGM/Gel/flooded
  • 50-75% less weight – With equal or greater energy capacity
  • Over-voltage protection – Dual-Bus System protects electronics

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