Advanced Marine Battery Systems


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OPE-Li3 Marine Lithium Battery Systems

The OPE-Li3 Battery Management System (BMS) is a dualchannel system (separate charge & load channels) especially optimized for marine house banks. It is the world’s first plug & play integrated, one-piece, dual-channel BMS. Developed by Bruce Schwab (renowned solo ocean racer, lithium battery expert, and America’s first Vendee Globe finisher) together with Lithionics, the OPE-Li3 is the safest lithium battery system available anywhere. Lithionics is a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries and has an unmatched track record for safety and reliability.

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Genasun 2013 manufacturer of marine battery systems



Genasun GLi Lithium Marine Battery Systems 

Due to a surge in Genasun’s solar charge controller business, Genasun is moving away from manufacturing batteries.  Genasun and OceanPlanet Energy are here to support you with your existing system. Contact us for any help with your existing Genasun GLi system.  If you are looking for a new lithium house bank, see our OPE-Li3 page.

More info on Genasun GLi regarding service, maintenance and troubleshooting 


Firefly Energy manufacturer of marine battery systems

Firefly’s  “Oasis”  Carbon Foam AGM Marine Battery Systems for House Banks

Firefly Energy manufactures the one of a kind Oasis Group 31 deep cycle battery with Microcell carbon foam technology.  Oasis’ carbon foam design resists sulfation and corrosion (2 of the primary causes of failure in lead-acid batteries), while dramatically increasing the surface area within the battery, resulting in greater energy capacity, faster recharges, and deeper discharge capabilities.

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Super B Lithium Starting Battery

Super B is an innovative company out of the Netherlands which offers the best of Lithium-ion technology packed into small, lightweight starting batteries.  The SB 12V 10P has a discharge pulse current of up to 480A and a lifetime of over 3000 cycles.  Weighing in at 3.75 lbs, this battery is the clear choice if saving weight is a top priority.

 More info on Super B and the SB 12V 10P

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K2 Lithium Energy Batteries

K2 Energy is a company out of Henderson, Nevada that specializes in the development of Li-Fe-Po cells and battery packs.  These batteries are low current/ high capacity which are perfect for smaller boats that have low 12V or 24V loads and need less than 100Ah capacity.  They are extremely light weight and have internal cell balancing for ease of installation and maintenance.

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High Voltage Marine Battery Systems

If you are exploring high-voltage marine battery systems for propulsion or high-power systems, please contact Bruce directly to discuss your application.



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