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Philippi Complete System Monitoring
Victron Battery Monitoring
Solar Monitoring


Battery & System Monitoring:


Philippi System Monitoring


Phillippi System Monitor (PSM)-with graphic touch screen

The PSM is the first step into digital system monitoring and control on the water, with an intuitive graphical interface. It enables the monitoring of all ship energy systems, including batteries, tanks, charging sources, AC/DC loads, and many more. The CAN-bus system design enables to connect more than one system monitor side-by-side to obtain information about system components simultaneously.

Philippi system monitoring       PSM info

Several PSM system monitors may be installed on board at different locations to obtain the required information independently of each other. Most importantly, the system is fully scalable from a basic single battery monitor up to a full multifunction digital monitoring and control CAN-bus system.

Check out the PSM Spec Sheet 2016 for the all details. Find pricing on the 2016 PSM and BCM Retail Pricing. Or download the PSM User’s Manual for installation guidelines, programming instructions, and troubleshooting.


Phillippi BCM Battery Monitor 

The BCM is a basic, yet full-featured, DC battery status monitor with a visual interface that allows quick battery status checks. Available for single or dual house banks.

philippi system monitoring
  • capable of full monitoring of 1 (or 2 with BCM 2) main batteries plus voltage indication of two auxiliary batteries
  • LCD display screen showing state of charge
  • programmable alarms



Check out the BCM Spec Sheet 2015 to get more information and details. Find pricing here on the PSM BCM retail pricing 2016.  Or download the BCM User’s Manual  for installation guidelines, programming instructions, and troubleshooting.



Victron Energy

BMV-700 Battery Monitor

Victron battery monitor
  • measures amp-hours in and amp-hours out in order to give the most accurate state of charge of your battery
  • displays current, voltage, power, Ah’s consumed, and state of charge
  • displays “time to go” at the current rate of discharge
  • easy to install with all necessary parts included
  • programmable audio and visual alarms

Check out the BMV 700 series spec sheet for more information.  PRICE:$186 


BMV-702 Dual Input Battery Monitor

battery monitor Victron

This monitor has all the powerful features of the BMV-700 with an additional input which enables you to monitor one of the following:

  • a second battery bank
  • temperature of the battery bank
  • midpoint voltage, which can be helpful in making sure your battery bank is staying balanced

Check out the BMV 700 series spec sheet for more information.  PRICE:$244


Solar Monitoring:


Coastal DC Watt Wizard

Perfect for monitoring solar, wind, and hydro installations.  PRICE: $99

watt wizard
  • monitor any small/medium DC charging source or load
  • measures instantaneous Volts, Amps, and Watts, plus accumulative amp hours and run time
  • measures up to 90V DC and 75 Amps DC
  • alarms for over or under voltage, over  current, over power, over amp/hours and over time limit
  • Check out the Watt Wizard Spec Sheet for more information and specifications


SkyRC Watt Meter

Monitor your solar panel output with this basic and easy to install watt meter. PRICE: $42

  • SKYRC Watt MeterMeasures energy (Wh), charge (Ah), power (W), current (A) and voltage (V)
  • Measures peak Amps, peak Watts ,voltage minimum (sag), peak temperature.
  • Inexpensive way to get info about your solar panel production
  • Rugged – handles 50 A continuous and 100 A peak at 60V