Monitoring & Control

Monitor On-board Systems from Intuitive Touch Screen Panels

Monitoring and controlling a solar/hydro/lithium power system is more than an ammeter and simple voltmeter. To maximize efficiency and guard against over- or under-charging, new computerized monitors take the guesswork out of keeping tabs on your power systems.

The Phillippi System Monitor (PSM) is the first step into digital system monitoring and control on the water, with an intuitive graphical interface. It enables the monitoring of all ship energy systems, including batteries, tanks, charging sources, AC/DC loads, and many more. The CAN-bus system design enables to connect more than one system monitor side-by-side to obtain information about system components simultaneously.

Several PSM system monitors may be installed on board at different locations to obtain the required information independently of each other. Most importantly, the system is fully scalable from a basic single battery monitor up to a full multifunction digital monitoring and control CAN-bus system.

The Phillippi BCM Battery Monitor is a basic, yet full-featured, DC battery status monitor with a visual interface that allows quick battery status checks. Available for single or dual house banks.

                                                                       PSM Spec Sheet 2014

                                                                       BCM Spec Sheet 2014

                                                                       2014 PSM and BCM Retail Pricing