Torqeedo – Pod Drives

Torqeedo Cruise FP Models were the overall winner of the DAME Design Award at the 2016 METS Trade Show!


Electric motors for sailboats:

  • smaller, lighter and more economical than ever
  • Pods are the most compact drive design
  • Torqeedo’s Cruise FP models are exceptionally small and lightweight
  • An 8 HP equivalent weighs a mere 15.8 kg
  • Quiet, eco-friendly, recharging under sail
  • Cruise FPs offer high-tech convenience
  • Throttle and UI designs are sleek and functional


 Cruise 2.0 FPCruise 4.0 FPCruise 10.0 FP
Input power in watts2,0004,00010,000
Propulsive power in watts1,1202,2402,600
Comparable gas outboard (shaft power)5 HP8 HP20 HP
Comparable has outboard (thrust)6 HP9.9 HP25 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in %565656
Static thrust in lbs*115189315
Recommended battery1x Power 26-1042x Power 26-1044x Power 26-104
Nominal voltage24 V48 V48 V
Standard propeller
(v = speed in km/h at p =power in watts)
Alternative propeller optionsV13/p4000 (folding)V13/p4000 (folding)Folding
Maximum Propeller speed in rpm at full load1,3001,3001,400
SteeringRemote throttleRemote throttleRemote throttle
Stepless forward/rever driveYesYesYes
Integrated on-board computer with displayYesYesYes

Check out this Pod Drive Overview for more information and details.

Contact us for more information on high voltage applications.