American Power Systems Nitro High Output Alternators

The APS Nitro High Output Alternators offer maximum output for large lithium and AGM battery systems. The Nitro utilizes internal fans for optimal output during high heat conditions and special windings for the best possible output/weight ratio and durability.

High Output Alternators: Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Rectifier with HD Diodes Lithium Ion battery setups
  • Special design external regulator for Li batteries
  • Universal J180 or “pad” mount
  • 100% quality tested components
  • 6 groove 48mm pulley serpentine belt compatible
  • Available anodized case and nickel plated hardware
  • Available for 14V, 24V, and 56V
  • Manufactured in the USA

APS models- super compact fits in small case position- High Performance Idle

APS models-large case

  • 180 amp – 14 VDC model 42i-180-12J or P
  • 270 amp – 14 VDC model 42i-270-12J or P
  • 180 amp – 28 VDC model 42i-180EXT-28J or P
  • 300 amp – 28 VDC model 55i-270EXT-28J or P

APS testimonials & news

Check out this blog post by APS on the alternators installed on the solo ocean racing yacht Hugo Boss.

APS Info & Documents:

Alternators & Parts Pricelist

Specifications for 42i 14V & 28V

Specifications for 110A x 56V

Specifications for 55i 300A

42i Alternator Dimensions

Contact OceanPlanet Energy for more info and approved installers.  Check out the APS website for more information on their products.