Solara: Walk-on & Glass Solar Panels

solara semi flexible solar panels

Solara manufactures three types of panels:

Solara walk on solar panels

Standard M “walk-on”

Power M “walk-on” with SunPower cells

Solara solar panels

Ultra S Glass panels with SunPower cells







Both Standard M and Power M panels feature the following:

  • Built with a corrosion resistant, powder coated stainless steel or DiBond backing plate for maximum cell support while allowing for some bending (3%)
  • Rugged rubber-like encapsulation is slip resistant and protects against UV, salt spray and environmental contaminants while allowing full light penetration
  • Completely sealed low-profile junction box with 8′ cable leads for easy installation


standard M

Standard M Walk on Series:



Solara Semi Flexible walk on solar panels

Power M Walk on Series


Here is a video showing the new EZ Mount!

Installation Hardware for EZMount


SeaDog Rail Mount Hardware $26

Quick mount and quick release clamps can be used to mount all types of accessories with NO drilling required in mounting rail. Perfect for use with the Solara EZMount or the Ultra S glass panels.

Removable Rail Mount Clamps fit 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ railing. Includes shims, thumb screws and all mounting hardware.

Ultra-S Series (Glass) Non walk on Panels

Solara Glass Panels


Contact us for the latest sizes, prices and recommended configurations. Check out Solara’s website for more information on the company.